Creating a line of sight from learning to employment.
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An app that connects both education & employment providers with ambitious learners.
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Now mentors & learners are connected like never before. 
With Routes the path to progress is easy to capture & simple to demonstrate. 
Ultimately, guiding learners into the world of work.
As An App User:

• Record, Evidence & Showcase Your Journey

• Add Video, Audio, Pictures, Files & Text

• Share Your Digital Career Passport Securely

As A Control Centre User:

• Create Courses, Grading & Transferable Skills

• Create New & Tailored Profile Fields

• Provide Guidance & References for Learners

Ambitious Learners

Record, evidence and showcase who you are and where you as an individual are heading on your life and career journey. 

The Routes App puts your learning and development directly in your own hands to record your journey in your own way. 

You can add content into the 4 core sections of the App. You can take ownership and personalise the app with it’s simple, editable and intuitive interface. No prior knowledge of CV writing is necessary. 

The app guides you through the process. By simply adding your own information, Routes will dynamically build you an interactive and rich infographic CV that can be viewed and shared at the touch of a button.
“Hearing the words 'CV' sounds daunting as a young person, using Routes really simplified the whole process and I felt like I was celebrating my journey.”
Joe Winstanley - Ex Academy Scholar

Learning Providers

Custom Course Creation.
Create and manage bespoke courses and assign to individuals, providing a unique experience for every User.

Bespoke Grading Structure Creation. 
Define and set specific grading criteria for courses, allowing for precise evaluation and assessment.

Course Arrangement.
Create courses with either simple or complex structures depending on your preference.

Establish a hierarchical framework for courses, providing a clear and organised learning pathway for users to follow.

Mentor Messaging Centre. 
Users can request and receive mentor comments on aspects of their learning, achievements & progress as well as to provide references.
“As a learning provider there's so many different avenues that we can go down, the app is tailored to the individual to help with their journey.”
Adam Fairhurst - Lecturer at Stockport County FC

Employment Providers

Routes - Far More than a Traditional CV.

Gone are the days of paper and words. Routes is the new way of viewing a CV. Rich in media, showcasing clients in a way never presented before, selecting your next employee has never been as easy.

View Potential Candidates.
Routes allows you to understand your potential employee on a level not seen before. Lots of information presented in a real time interactive online platform. Video, image, text and audio content available at the touch of a button.

Share Amongst Your Colleagues.
In real time, share potential employee details wherever you are in the world with the rest of your company. Sharing virtually to multiple recipients at once accelerates the decision making process by adding transparency for hiring teams.
“Routes allowed me to share quickly with my colleagues, sped up the hiring process, presented the learner in a really positive way and ultimately gave us a stand out candidate.”
Tina Ratcliffe - Discover Training CIC


Routes App
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Routes... Digital Career Passport

Creating a line of sight from learning to employment.


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